Exchange Policy of INCO ID

Compliance with the INCO ID Points Exchange procedure will be carried out considering the controls required.

  • Customers who have INCO ID Cards can redeem their points in any Sales Room or request a point exchange by contacting their Sales Advisor.
  • The client with an INCO ID card has the right to request the shipment an item that is on sale, to his sales room.
  • The conditions to exchange of points are the following:
    – To redeem points for promotional products, the client must use the amount of points established in the offer advertisement in the Sales Room.
    – All INCO ID promotional products must be invoiced with the amount of $ 0.10 + VAT per item.
    – The customer visiting the branches/Wholesale, must wait 4 business days to withdraw their product in INCO ID special offer, and he must show an invoice before the delivery.
    – Clients must sign a form for Acceptance/Satisfaction of the reception of their special offers, as a proof that the products have been delivered in good conditions.
  • All delivery of INCO ID products must be tested before the customer to demonstrate the good conditions of the items.
  • INCO ID promotional products once delivered do not have returns.


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