The Canadian Standards Association, initially established as the Canadian Association of Engineering Standards in 1919 (CESA), in a non-profit institution that develop standards for a wide variety of products and it is the largest and most prestigious institution of this kind in Canada. It also provides certification service for companies that implement such standards in manufacturing processes.

Some of its brands are world renowned and they are accepted even in the most quality demanding markets.

For portable ladders, this institution has developed the standard CSA Z11-12 that outlines the main parameters and regulations for manufacturing, as well as the relevant test and trials that are mandatory for each type of product. Currently, it is the certification provider for INCO ladders.


The Instituto de Investigaciones y Ensayos de Materiales (IDIEM) (The Research and Material Tests Institute), is part of the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics of the University of Chile. It was created in 1898 as the Material Resistance Workshop, under the Engineering School of the University of Chile. IDEM conducts material testing and verifies the quality of the materials used in the execution of public works and it is the first Laboratory of Technical Control for Materials in that country.