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Due to the fragility inherent of this products, the guarantee is valid until the costumer receives the product. When the product is delivered, it is advisable to check the good conditions and proper functioning of the product. After the completion of the delivery, no claims are accepted.


  • If a product is faulty or if it does not operate appropriately under the normal conditions of use, it will be repaired or replaced accordingly.
  • Any altered or damaged merchandise resulting from improper use, cannot be returned and it will not be covered by the guarantees.
  • The guarantee is applicable when the client submits the invoice delivered by the INCO sales staff.
  • All scratched or damaged products or labeled with other than the originals, will not be accepted for return.
  • The guarantee is only valid for the original purchaser of the product.
  • The customer must review the conditions of the product at all times at the delivery and if the conditions are not met, either because the agreed quantity or quality is not acceptable or because the merchandise is damaged, he must contact immediately the relevant sales executive.
  • The guarantee is invalid automatically with the misuse or the improper installation of the product.
  • INCO is not responsible for damages occurred by mismanagement of the product made by the buyer.


INCO maintains the highest levels of quality in all aspects of the company. The key of our success is our people. Our staff is chosen providing that they are driven, sensitive and with the energy to adapt to changing conditions in decent, challenging and fun work environment. By employing high quality personnel, we produce quality products for the world.

Each product resulting from our manufacturing is intended to be “Quality Brand” since the staff who manufactures the product share the same aspiration and they adhere to the measures and processes of constant improvement. Each member of our manufacturing team is responsible and accountable for stopping the manufacturing process if the product does not comply with the INCO quality standards. Our goal is not limited to fulfill our expectations, but to exceed them. Our customer´s feedback is of a paramount importance for our constant improvement and we take every suggestion as if it were our own member of our company.

The expansion is one of the INCO goals and we are attaining this goal due to our expansion capacity, our location and our vast experience of more than 50 years in manufacturing and marketing worldwide, in addition to the experience of our team of professionals granting us the ability to grow in a talented way.

INCO believes that the current globalization conditions are an opportunity to make strategic alliances with other companies that are engaged in business related to our processes, marketing and experience

If you are already an INCO costumer, we sincerely appreciate your loyalty. If you are currently considering to make a purchase, we certainly appreciate your decision to choose our high quality products and we are confident in continue doing business with you.

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